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Good News

Through Saint Andrew’s transformation process, the Good News Team assumed many of the duties of the old Evangelism and Membership Committees. Historically the Membership & Evangelism Committee focused more with membership than evangelism. The Good News Team has been concentrating during its three year tenure on outreach. In 2008 Good News began taking a more active role in membership activities.

The Good News Team affirms that everyone has a faith journey that is worth sharing. The team is organized to help people realize that having a relationship with Jesus Christ is good news and that all our stories are part of the universal gospel, regardless of whether you are a visitor, new member, long-time member or charter member.



Greet, record and follow up with all Sunday visitors.

Web Site-

Plan and evaluate items to be included on

Outreach events –

Plan, coordinate and evaluate events that will highlight Saint Andrew in the community, invite new people through our doors and introduce them to the people and programs of our faith community.

Publicity –

Work with church staff, Clerk of Session, etc. to provide for member care and reporting to Presbytery. Examples include publishing a church directory or family of brochures about church-wide programs.

Membership –

Coordinate opportunities for fellowship with or service to members that will better enable their participation in church activities. Examples include putting together golf outings and coordinating transportation for those who cannot drive themselves to worship. In 2008, Saint Andrew also provided valet parking for elderly members who continue to drive to church.

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